to connect with your baby and 

 being pregnant? 

 heck yeah! 

wouldn't it feel

Are you missing the magic 
of pregnancy amidst life's constant motion?

But amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to miss the chance to connect with it on a deeper, more meaningful level.  

Pregnancy comes with a deluge of information – what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise, what baby stuff to buy. It's overwhelming.

And let's be real. Pregnancy isn't easy. Sometimes it really sucks. Nausea, exhaustion, back pain, weird symptoms that lead to endless late-night googling (it's not just me, right?)

It's no wonder it can often feel impossible to really drop into this experience. But the downside? We miss out on the joy that's possible right now, and accessing the creative power inside us that's especially potent during pregnancy.

Before you know it, those nine months will have zipped by, and you'll find yourself tending to an adorable little bundle of joy who demands your constant attention. The moments for introspection and exploration may become scarce for a while.

Let's seize the opportunity you have right now.

Pregnancy is a profound transformation

here's the thing...

a time when your body, mind, and spirit embark on an incredible journey.

A six week online journey to transform your experience of pregnancy and nurture your creative soul

Seven inspiring modules you can complete at your own pace
Do it all in six weeks, or take as much time as you need

Fun, juicy creative exercises that will transform your pregnancy
You don't need any special artistic ability, I promise!

Designed to fit into your full life
Short videos that are big on impact, not on time

Led by a super experienced expressive arts therapist & mama 
That's me!

I've got you covered

but how???




7-Day Sugar Detox Guide (value $47)

Healthy Habits Ritual Guide (value $27)

Access to Private Facebook Group

30-Day Meal Plan with Bonus Shopping List (value $19)

Printable Planner + Tracker (value $38)

How to Decode Nutrition Labels Guide ($10 value)

7-Day Sleep Bootcamp ($97 value)

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A six week online journey to transform your experience of pregnancy and nurture your creative soul

I kept getting to the end of the day feeling like I was letting my pregnancy slip by without really paying attention.  Can you relate?

So I went on a quest for a pregnancy course or program that could give me a nudge and some structure. I wanted to find something that would be fun and easy, but also meaningful. That made space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings about motherhood and prepare for birth. And bonus if it gave me a chance to play and express my creativity.
Guess what I found? 


I found birth prep courses and prenatal yoga. Nutrition courses and parenting courses.
But nothing that dealt with the inner experience of pregnancy. And certainly nothing that invited me to tap into my playful, creative, artistic self (parts of me that, by the way, are super essential in parenting.)

So, since I happen to be an expressive arts therapist, I decided to create one myself. 
You're welcome. ;)

Hi, I'm Julia. When I got pregnant last year, I just couldn't seem to carve out space in my busy life to fully experience this amazing time. 

My story

You have lots of thoughts and feelings swimming around about motherhood and this big transition, but you can't seem to make the time to work through them.

You want to connect more to your baby and how crazy miraculous this whole thing is, but that seems to always get buried under the mountain of pregnancy "to-dos".

Yeah, you're creating a baby, but it feels like your own creativity is on the back burner. And you miss it.

You wanted to love pregnancy, but the truth is you are NOT feeling the magic. You're just feeling tired. And like you're missing out on the "incredible" experience you imagined.

You know this could be a more meaningful experience and you want to make the most of it, but you're not sure how (beyond maybe going to prenatal yoga.)

Let me know if this sounds like you...

I've been there too

And I've got you

Know, without a doubt, that you are making the most of this one wild and precious pregnancy.
(To paraphrase Mary Oliver.)


Make art and create with joy and freedom as you discover a treasure trove of inner wisdom and gain tools  that will support you in parenting and beyond

Fully enjoy the power and magic of pregnancy as you deepen your relationship with yourself, your baby, and OWN this transition into becoming a mother (or mother again) 


Imagine how it would feel to


A six week online journey to transform your experience of pregnancy and nurture your creative soul

Discover the magic of motherhood through art-making, singing, guided meditations, dance, nature immersion, writing, storytelling and more. Embrace the profound connection with your baby. Unleash your inner creativity and nurture a meaningful journey towards motherhood.

That thing you've been missing in pregnancy? It's YOU.

create your awesome pregnancy
create your awesome pregnancy



Join me for...

Clarify your deepest and wisest intentions for your birth, and step powerfully toward them. 
Call in a joyful circle of support around you as you move toward this life-changing milestone. 

Preparing for Birth


Dive deep into the complex and rocky landscape of emotion around pregnancy, birth, and motherhood through guided meditation and the intuitive power of collage. You'll emerge with a clearer, more resilient heart, ready for the journey ahead.

Hopes & Fears


Dive into your maternal lineage, connect to your own wisdom and step into motherhood with confidence and strength. Own your life stories and build your storytelling chops. You'll need them for the many bedtimes to come!

Empowered Motherhood


Feel a newfound sense of confidence and self-love as you honor your body's journey. Enjoy your miraculous body through mindful movement, connection with nature, and some juicy dancing!

Celebrating your Body


Connect with your little one on a whole new level through writing and song. Nurture the precious bond between you and your baby, both inside and outside the womb. Learn creative practices you'll call on throughout your child's life.

Bonding with Baby


Lay the groundwork for expansive creative expression. Explore how you got to this place in your life, including the highs and lows of your journey so far. Create a sacred space to honor yourself and your pregnancy.

Conscious Beginnings


here's what we'll cover

What's inside

I developed Create Your Awesome Pregnancy because I wanted an extraordinary, creativity-filled experience of pregnancy for myself. And once I started developing the tools, I just knew had to share them. 

I'm sharing all of my wisdom as a mama, Artist and therapist so that you can have your best pregnancy.

I've traveled the world, spent most of my adult life in the Bay Area, and now I live at an ecovillage in upstate New York. I hike, swim and yes, cross-country ski, right outside my door (winters here are long!) And my kiddos get to grow up in the "village" that everyone is searching for. I've explored more art forms than I can count, and currently I perform as a storyteller. I've also been a psychotherapist for fifteen years and have helped transform hundreds of people's lives through deep emotional work, loving connection, and of course, creativity and play. 

I'm an expressive arts therapist, a mama to two amazing girls, and a lover of all things creative.

meet Julia

Course FAQs

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When Can i Start?

How does the course work?

I'm so busy. How can i make the time for this? 

Do I Need to Be an Artist?


 try the course for 14 days. I hope you love it!
 But if you're not satisfied for any reason just contact us within 14 days of purchase and you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

100% Money Back Guarantee


Before you know it, you'll have a tiny human in your arms, and 'me-time' will turn into 'we-time.'  Let's make every moment count right now!

Nine months might feel like a marathon,
but it's more like a sprint.

Your time is now

You're pregnant and want to make the most of your pregnancy journey, whether it's your first baby or not.

You're curious about tapping into your creative side and using art to explore your emotions, hopes, and fears.

You want to step into motherhood consciously, empowered with a toolkit of self-connection and creativity to support your parenting journey. 

You crave a deeper connection with yourself, your baby, and the transformative experience of pregnancy.

You want to set aside some time during your pregnancy for introspection, creative expression, and personal growth--even if it feels like you don"t have any! 

You're not currently pregnant

 You have no interest in exploring your creativity or engaging in artistic activities.

You're not willing to set aside any time during your pregnancy for self-reflection and creative exploration.

You're seeking a purely medical or technical course about pregnancy and childbirth.

You're not open to the idea of embracing the spiritual and emotional aspects of pregnancy.

for you if...






 for you if...

amy w.

The course has been so fun and refreshing, there hasn't been anything else like it in my pregnancy so far. I feel light and positive after doing a module and it breaks up my to-do-list attitude the rest of the week about all the prep I want to do before my birth.

I adore the course! I've been leaving each module feeling centered and joyous in a way that I've barely felt through my pregnancy experience. THANK YOU!

What people are saying...
What people are saying...

A wonderful way to tap back into my creativity!

I was able to move beyond the judging mind, and into a space of self discovery and self expression. Julia holds a fun, nurturing and supportive space that helped me to feel safe exploring. 

Jenna v.

tori w.

Julia’s course was a welcome respite from my busy and work-centered life. It was a real treasure to get to tap into my child-self, exploring so many avenues of play and creativity.

Julia’s welcoming, jubilant, and non-judgmental spirit helped me connect with myself and be unafraid to make mistakes.

What people are saying...

As a seasoned expressive arts therapist, I've witnessed the profound transformation this process brings in private sessions. In "Create Your Awesome Pregnancy" you're getting the essence of that work, distilled into a self-paced course you can do from the comfort of your couch.

The cost of a similar journey in a one-on-one setting could easily surpass $3,000.
You currently have access to this powerful work for ONLY $197.

I've made the price super accessible because I believe in the power of this process to change lives, and I want it to reach as many people as possible.

Let's do this!


7 Course Modules filled with Insightful & Inspiring Teachings
6 Themed Sections Addressing Essential Aspects of Pregnancy & Motherhood 
12 Dynamic Creative Arts Exercises with Step-by-Step Instructions
Guided Meditations & Visualizations
Downloadable PDF Resources

create your awesome pregnancy

For just $197, you will immediately gain access to:

let's rock this pregnancy, shall we?

Incredible value

xoxo     Julia



nine months will fly by

Enjoy being

Before getting here

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