Here's what I know about you...

So you're ready to find yourself again in motherhood?

I help busy moms like you make space for YOU in your life, so you can live with renewed energy, creativity, and joy.

I'm so glad you made it here.

If you've found your way to my corner of the internet, it probably means you're longing for just a little bit of room for yourself in your life. Some space (in between wiping faces and making dinner) for your emotions, your creativity, your own voice.

But these days, you can't even go to the bathroom on your own--let alone have time to paint a watercolor or journal (what a dream!)

Or maybe you're expecting your first kiddo and it's not quite *that* bad yet, but the busyness of life, combined with endless pregnancy to-dos, leaves you getting to the end of the day feeling like you're missing out on what really matters.  

Let’s put an end to all of that, for good. 

(Well, I can't really change the going to the bathroom alone thing. But everything else.)

Hi, I'm Julia.

I'm here to help you find your way back home (to yourself.)

My job? I’m a therapist and guide for busy mamas and mamas-to-be who are yearning to find their own space amidst the joys and challenges of motherhood.

I create courses and programs that reignite your creative spark so you can feel like yourself again, and make room for your real feelings, your passions, and your aliveness.

And believe it or not, we do it all without dropping any of the balls you're juggling. (Because we both know there's no other option.)

Taking care of everyone, getting sh*t done, even managing to have some fun doing it. But feeling like something huge was missing.


Sure, I was taking care of my basic needs. But I felt lost. 

If I did have some rare time for myself, I was too tired to use it well, or I couldn't shift gears quickly. So I'd end up either a) scrolling b) vegging out to a show, or c) doing more tasks, and telling myself that's what I needed to do to feel better.

Even though I'm an expressive arts therapist, who knows a million things about how to access my creativity and my aliveness, it was so hard to put that into practice in my day-to-day life.
(Cue the extra guilt!)

I was once exactly where you are…

My story

And binge-reading forums about pregnancy symptoms was not going to shift that.

Then one day, in the shower--bam--an idea came in. What if there was a way to use all of the creative stuff I love to have the experience of pregnancy I'd dreamed of?

I started to overflow with ideas for 'Create Your Awesome Pregnancy'. I wanted to do them, and share them with other women who are on this crazy/amazing journey of motherhood too.

The practices gave me just what I was looking for--a real, connected, joyful experience of pregnancy, a deeper connection to the baby who was growing inside me, and a space to really prepare for this next initiation into motherhood as a mama to two. Finally, space for myself in my life again.

I had worked so hard to get pregnant with this baby. But I still felt kinda...empty.


But my second pregnancy
changed things.

Psst--The course is here!

After a beautiful time in our newborn cocoon--surprise, surprise, the demands of life swallowed me up again.

It didn't take long for me to realize that I needed the same thing as when I was pregnant. A space to be and reflect and play, so that I could access my own creative energy and make meaning of the life I was living.

But at this stage of the game, it wasn't about a six week course. It was a daily need. And it had to be short, sweet, and to-the-point. 

So, 'Time for Mama' was born. 15 to 20 minute practices. Me, speaking from the heart, usually in my pajamas with wild hair (curly hair first thing in the morning? IYKYK.) No plans, no outline. Making space for myself and for other moms who need it, and finding our way back to ourselves, every day. 

Total game changer.

Then came baby!

Yes, let's do this!

You know how that one goes.

Check it out here


could be an epic tree grove or a jar of flowers on the table

for kids and grown-ups 

the power of a good cry

anywhere, anytime

 dance parties

I believe in...

nature as medicine
trusting our inner wisdom

all it takes is making space to hear it

Get to know a little about me

5 quick things

I've got an MA in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy.
 I'm a licensed psychotherapist and I was a Hospice grief counselor for years.

My fancy qualifications

At 'ecstatic dance', more specifically. Yeah, we're kiiinda hippies. We're also both therapists, and total creative goofballs.

I met my husband dancing

I've lived in India, Israel, and Italy. And we've traveled all around the world with our oldest daughter (including to Indonesia!)
The baby has her passport ready.

"I" Countries

Living in community is the best! Friends all around, shared meals, and beautiful land that we steward together. Plus walking to the farm with my kiddos to pick up our produce every week.
I could go on :)

I' live at an Ecovillage

I tell everything from traditional folk tales to original stories with audiences of all ages.
My most recent performance was an original fairy tale about my fertility journey with my second baby.

I'm a storyteller

Yes! I'm ready

You with me?

It's time to reclaim Yourself and your life.

I'm so glad you're here, stick around, there's so much to see, xo Cami


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